The adventure of a lifetime

Run for Love 3 is a 280km 6-day ultramarathon, across the stunning volcanic island of São Miguel. There are three different route options; you can choose to run Stages 1 – 3 (i.e. Full Run for Love), Stages 2 – 3 (i.e. Half Run for Love) or just Stage 3 (i.e. Volcanoes Half Marathon).

216km (4 days).

42km (1 day).

Volcanoes Half Marathon.

Stage 1: Days 1-4

25-28 November 2019

Ponta Delgada – Calhetas

Average daily distance: 54KM. More than a marathon per day.

Accommodation: Wild Camping. Beach Camping.

Nutrition: Freeze-dried food by campfire. TRIBE bars.

Toughest day: 80km overnight stage. Depart 3am with glow sticks & torches -> Climb highest point in Azores as team -> Run along rim of island.

Key challenge: Navigating 30 degree inclines in mountainous region. Wild bats. Volcanic eruptions.

Runner Limit: 50 Runners.

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Stage 2: Day 5

29 November 2019

Calhetas – Siete Ciedades

Daily distance: 42 KM.

Accommodation: Wild Camping. Beach Camping. Clifftop hotels.

Nutrition: Beach BBQ. Penultimate night party. TRIBE bars.

Toughest day: 42km hike/run into the stunning volcanic region of the Azores.

Key challenge: Battered legs. Atlantic gusts at altitude. 30 degree inclines on volcano rim.

Runner Limit: 100 Runners.

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Stage 3: Day 6

30 November 2019

Volcanoes Half Marathon

The Grand Finale: We want the whole TRIBE community to join us for a stunning half marathon finale around the rim of a volcano in the Azores. Followed by massive post-race celebrations.

Daily distance: 21KM. Marked course with aid stations and support fuelled by TRIBE

Accommodation: Wild Camping. Ponta Delgada hotels.

Nutrition: Beach BBQ. TRIBE bars. Epic post race celebrations.

Runner Limit: 500 Runners.

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